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William Stankay is a composer, musician & sound designer specializing in atmospheric music production.  His music flows into multiple streams, utilizing innovative sound architecture to shape the sonic landscapes in his work.


In the summer of 2012, William traveled to the Arctic region of Svalbard to develop an environmentally-inspired music experience featuring the mysterious sounds of Arctic wildlife seamlessly blended with his own musical interpretation of the remote archipelago. In 2013, he was awarded with an Artist Opportunity Grant from the Pittsburgh Arts Council to help fund the development of an album created using his Earthtones-style instrumentation. He has traveled extensively to expand his Earthtones project with expeditions to record a diverse mix of habitats that include glaciers, waterfalls, oceans & deserts, while also dedicating specific recording expeditions to wildlife such as migrating birds, alligators, whales, bears, elk & bison. 


His work as a composer includes an original ocean-themed score for Vice's "Designing A Plastic-Free World" campaign for adidas; original music for Powerade's commercial campaign starring NBA player Damian Lillard; trailer music for the Lionsgate film "Deepwater Horizon"; additional music in collaboration with Jongnic Bontemps on the original Lifetime movie "Faith Under Fire"; and original scores for the feature film "A Fancy Piece of Homicide" and the documentary "Blood Memory"


Notable sound design work includes collaborations with composer Jongnic Bontemps for Steven Caple Jr's "The Land" and sonic landscapes for composer Steven Lebetkin's "Cycles of the Earth" ballet


He is currently working in his Sunfall studios on the debut albums in the Earthtones series - along with a documentary about the making of the project - slated for release in 2025.

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