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"Blood Memory" recently had it's world broadcast premiere on America ReFramed, via the World Channel. 

The film explores how battles over blood quantum and "best interests" resurface the untold history of America's Indian Adoption Era, and the ways in which a survivor of this stolen generation returns to heal her Sicangu Lakota community.


William Stankay created the music for the documentary using his "Earthtones" process, utilizing natural sound and sonic landscapes from the Badlands, Black Hills, Rosebud Reservation and surrounding areas to create the musical tapestry for the film's original score. 

William continued filming & recording sessions for his Earthtones project with an expedition to various locations along the Midwest & Western areas of the United States. 

Sessions were conducted in various desert habitats of New Mexico & Colorado, with extended sessions to explore sand dunes, mountain ranges & remote Badlands landscapes. 

The expedition also saw William returning to the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, where he had previously worked during the recording and scoring sessions for "Blood Memory". 

P1031356 White Sands_000068 edit.jpg

William continued the expansion of wildlife recording sessions for his Earthtones project with a trip to focus on the annual snow geese migration, one of the most spectacular displays of nature that can be experienced in North America. 

He conducted both filming & recording sessions, focusing on the gathering of over 100,000 snow geese and their acrobatic aerial blizzard of synchronized flight. The final recordings & visuals will be included in the completed Earthtones documentary, slated for release in 2025. 

Snow Geese FB.jpg
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